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With the arrival of summer, skin color often changes, and we lose confidence in our makeup shade. Today, we will get a little closer to know, how to choose the right type of makeup. Makeup should correspond with the undertone of your complexion, but of course it should have a similar color. Due to Make-up Covers uniqueness and worldwide popularity, many fakes are being produced around the world. Unfortunately, these imitations harm our impeccable reputation since these fakes do not have the same quality. Dermacol Foundation is The Best Full Coverage Foundation 2018.

Dermacol Foundation

The ideal color of makeup is practically the color of your complexion. It may be slightly darker or lighter, but only slightly, so there is no visible line between the face and unpainted neck. It is not advisable to make the illusion of tanned skin! The same applies to using lighter shades to make “Geisha look”.

Most of you probably know, which shades suit you best – the brightest, darkest or something in the middle. If you select on the Web, you may encounter several distinctions of shades.

Pale, Nude, Sand, Tan. Four divisions, which makes it really easy to decide.
Dermacol pale nude fair tan

1. Pale for your very fair skin
Pale is primarily intended for those with very fair skin, which remains snow white even after tan. It is sometimes said that these people have a porcelain complexion. It is very cool shade. The advantage of the Pale makeup is the possibility to use darker powder when your skin is tan. This type of makeup is used for example by Mila Kunis, Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, or Katy Hudson.

2. Nude is the most common makeup
When our skin is no longer snow white but has a tinge of brown-pink or slightly yellow color, then it the right choice is shade of Nude. Nude is useful for those, whose complexion gets gentle shade of beige, cameo beige, natural or warm beige. Again, this type of makeup can be easily corrected with powder. This type of makeup is used for example by Jenifer Lopez, Shiva Safai or Ariana Grande.

3. Sand color is designed for darker shades
Sand makeup is designed for significantly darker shades of skin or for bronze tan, country beige or almond. From this makeup, you already cannot create a naturally brighter makeup. If you have lighter skin and apply this makeup, you will not certainly look natural nor good. Shade of sand is intended also to persons who have an olive or golden skin. This type of makeup is used by Kerry Washington or Kylie Jenner.

4. Tan is the darkest makeup
Even though it is the darkest color, it is not primarily designed for those with the darkest skin tones. It is rather skin shade of cocoa, caramel, hazelnut or nutmeg. This type of makeup is used by Rihanna or Tyra Banks.


Dermacol Make Up Cover -It is a very high coverage foundation from the company Dermacol. This foundation is used for filmstudio, modelling and special effects and a little bit goes a long way! It claims to be waterproof, SPF 30 and Hypoallergenic. Firstly i would like to talk about the packaging, the box it comes in is very pretty and the gold “Dermacol” writing on the front really stands out. The tube itself is golden and sparkly. It’s a small tube you get 30g worth of product but because it is really thick and high coverage you only need the smallest amount with each application. This foundation has so many uses, you can use it to cover tattoos, cover dark circles under your eyes, scars, you can cover loss of pigmentation in the skin and it just gives the skin a fresh and flawless appearance.

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