How to use Dermacol Foundation MakeUP Cover Skin imperfections

Dermacol Foundation

Dermacol Foundation is suitable for all skin types , waterproof sunscreen 30 times. SPF30 SPF protection , resistance to UV damage to the skin ; can be used for face and body, and adjust the skin color to make it to lighten or darken ; for scars, acne , pigmentation and other skin have very good cover effect.

Dermacol Foundation Review

This stuff cover well!!! I typically wear covergirl outlast foundation, 810 in the winter and 825 in the summer. I ordered this Dermacol Foundation makeup cover in the 210 shade and it matches perfectly. 210 is warm toned (but not pink undertoned) and matches my light Caucasian skin tone well. I see why this is used for on-screen and photo shoots. Holy crap, I’ll say it again, it covers so well!! So much better than any typical foundation or concealer I have ever used. I use 3 little pin-sized dots over my regular makeup as a concealer where needed daily and blend blend blend. My coworkers have commented on how great my skin looks. This stuff makes you glow, so if you want 0 shine, you will not like it. It does not look matte, at least not on my combination skin. You do need a powder to set it or it gets a bit greasy on hot sweaty summer days. A little bit goes a very long way, and at this rate this tiny tube is going to last a long time. I wish I’d have known about this years ago! I have acne problems, dark circles, small dark sun spots, and freckles, and this covers all of them flawlessly. I can’t even tell where they were once I’ve applied it. Best of all, it has not been breaking out my sensitive skin. I have included photos of a 10 second application I did on my arm to cover black freckles and red misquito bites- and it looks even better on the face with more blending! Just buy it, you won’t regret it.

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