Dermacol Full Coverage Foundation before and after

The Dermacol brand

Brand historyThe original Dermacol cosmetics first started in the Barrandov Film Studios in Prague in the early 1960s and have since remained under Czech ownership. Soon, film studio experts teamed up with dermatologists from the Medical Cosmetics Institute in Prague. From the very beginning, the joint efforts of cosmetic specialists, who base their trade on medical principles, and film make-up experts were very successful.

It was then that the Make-up Cover line developed by Dermacol was launched as one of the first of its kind both in Europe and around the world and this product’s license was sold as far away as Hollywood in 1969. We are proud that the beauty of many film stars has had its origins from Dermacol in Prague.

Brand historyToday, Dermacol remains dynamic. In addition to Europe, Dermacol is also sold in many countries of the Middle and Near East, in Ukraine, Russia and Australia.Dermacol is not only successful abroad; in the Czech Republic it remains synonymous with make-up. Every fourth make-up item sold in the Czech Republic is from Dermacol. Every fifth body firming product is also by Dermacol.

Dermacol provides perfect care for all skin types and can handle all of your skin’s problems, whether your skin is young, mature, normal, dry or problematic.

Most Popular Dermacol Product

The introduction of Dermacol’s Makeup Cover line was a definitive turning point for the company. The vision behind those breakthrough Dermacol products can be attributed to the success you see today. It’s no surprise then that one of Dermacol’s most popular products is the Makeup Cover foundation. Dermacol Makeup Cover is a full coverage foundation that promises to provide the most intense coverage and still maintain a natural finish to skin. Dermacol Makeup Cover was one of the first brands to introduce such an opaque foundation with a formulation that is made up of 50 % pigment. This high concentration of pigments within the Dermacol Makeup Cover make it one of best foundations to cover more intense or difficult to conceal blemishes. The Dermacol Makeup Cover is great for completely neutralizing dark under eye circles and thoroughly camouflaging imperfections like hyperpigmentation, acne, bruises, and even tattoos.

Dermacol Makeup Cover Review

For a scientifically savvy cosmetic company like Dermacol and a product that has stood the test of time, it makes perfect sense that the Dermacol Makeup Cover is highly celebrated across the beauty space. The most popular Dermacol review highlights not only the coverage of the Makeup Cover but its versatility. Users have claimed to have wonderful results using the Dermacol Makeup Cover for a variety of uses including as a concealer, a color corrector, in addition to a foundation. There is one other Dermacol review to note that should be taken into consideration. Because of its opaqueness a little of the Dermacol Makeup Cover will go a long way. Start off small and build your way up.

Dermacol Full Coverage Foundation before and after

I will show you some Dermacol Full Coverage Foundation before and after story on from influenster reviews.

“I had the hardest time finding the Dermacol foundation that was not a fake. Fourth time was the charm though! I purchased the product through I was super worried because I had ordered from the website two days prior and received a email with little information and asked for cash on delivery. I called them and was told that “They are the only licensed US distributor” & that their website was launched over the weekend so they were still very new. My order was not placed so I can not advise if this company is legit.. I also made a purchase on Ebay & Wish and they were fake.. They were thin and watery… I digress… I made one last attempt with the Notino website because of how comprehensive it was. It wasn’t a quick site put together; someone had to put a lot of effort into making it and it wasn’t just for Dermacol products.

Anyways.. It finally came in! The coverage is pretty good… The 208 is the closest I have found to my skin color however the pigment darkens a bit around the ends when I blend it in… I have incredibly dry skin and my face started cracking within 5 minutes.. I used three layers of setting spray to try to hydrate it but there wasn’t a huge difference. It is wearable just looks dry on my face. The foundation is Totally waterproof which is great. When I did the test on my arm it took make up remover and soap to remove it… I wore the make up to work.. It has been 8 hours and even though my skin is a bit cracked; It looks exactly as it did this morning.

For all of those super dry skin people I would recommend exfoliating and extra moisturizer before wearing this product. I am hoping that helps me as well.

Also remember that a little bit goes a long way.. I have a lot of redness in my skin. A light layer of the product will cover over basic redness. For my acne spots I had to use multiple of those light layers to get a good coverage on those areas.

I have tried the product with a beauty blender and a foundation brush.. For my dry skin I had a a little better results with a wet beauty blender.

Edit… I may be the 1 in a million with incredibly dry skin… I have used the foundation for three days in a row. Exfoliating and moisturizing after each use.. After 8 hours of ware my skin is cracking and peeling really bad… I will keep attempting to find a good way for me to use it.. I may only use it for special occasions as I only see light cracking within the first hour or two.

Please note: I am not a great photographer.. For my test I did 1 single layer of each product and used the exact same amount for each.

Dermacol Make-up Cover
Skin Tone:PorcelainSkin Type:DrySensitiveSkin Concerns:AcnePuffinessFine Lines & WrinklesEyes:Blue”-Katelyn H.

Dermacol Makeup Cover Dermacol Makeup Cover FoundationDermacol Makeup Cover

Dermacol Make-Up Cover Contains and fixes all skin problems including wrinkles, dark spots, acne, even tattoos with Dermacol. Order 2 box Dermacol Make-Up Foundation,use 5$ discount code:discount2018

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