8 Reasons Why Extreme Coverage Like Dermacol Foundation Is What You Need

When it comes to makeup, what you put at the baseline is what really counts. The base – or the foundation – set the whole look and can be the determining factor if your makeup will last for hours. For that, a good coverage like Dermacol Foundation, is what you really need. Here’s why.

Just like the name, the foundation itself serves as the baseline for the makeup to hold onto, as well as cover up any imperfections on your skin to provide a smooth, flawless finish.

Because let’s face it, no matter how perfect your skin care routine is, there’s bound to be some flaw, lines, or marks that needs to cover up – it’s normal, it’s what makes you a human anyway, and that’s why a full coverage foundation like Dermacol would be perfect.

How heavy coverage foundation can be handy for your makeup routine

A heavy coverage foundation means that the product is super pigmented that it can serves as a quick coverup for almost any mild to moderate flaws such as wrinkles, pigmentations, acne scars, or any other blemishes you’re currently having. Save any skin repairing treatment later in the comfort of your home, while showing off your flawless skin on the go.

A heavy coverage foundation also means that you only need a little bit to use on your skin and the product will certainly last long. In fact, a number of reviewers have been using Dermacol Foundation and the tiny tube last them a year for daily usage.


What more if you only intend to use for mild to medium coverage on daily basis? I’m sure the tube will definitely last way longer, and that also means worth your every penny!

And you can definitely customized the coverage according to your preference as the foundation is heavily pigmented (up to 50%). Mix a tiny bit with a light moisturizer for a tinted moisturizer for dewy-looking finish, double up the same amount (or more) for a medium to full coverage, which actually still small compared to other brands.

Compared to just a medium coverage foundation, you need to layer twice the amount to get a full coverage and adding it more onto your skin will make it set into the lines, making the whole look unnatural and cakey.

Plus, you can use as a concealer and/or color corrector to cover up obvious flaws and pigmentations/uneven skin tone not juts on your face, but your body as well. Think varicose veins, old scars on the body and the like that can benefit from Dermacol Foundation, which also means saving you money, space, and time, especially if you’re always traveling and/or pressed for time.

And it’s a reason why Dermacol is the go-to brand by makeup artists to use in photo shoots. It gives off full coverage without making you look whitish and ghastly, and keeping your skin looking fresh and nicely glow au naturel. If the makeup artists are using it, that means Dermacol Foundation is sure is good for your skin too.

There’s a lot of reasons to use Dermacol Foundation isn’t it? I’m sure by now you’d be tempted to try it out and see it for yourself. You’d definitely stick to this brand for good, as your own makeup secret to a flawless, smooth skin. Order Dermacol Make Up Cover Foundation over 20$, use 5% off code:discount2018 https://www.dermacolfoundation.us.com

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